Companies across North America and Europe are adopting comprehensive animal welfare policies for chickens raised for meat.

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These companies are eliminating some of the cruelest factory farming practices from their supply chains, changing the way chickens are bred, raised, and slaughtered.

Chickens raised for meat represent the greatest number of land animals raised and killed for food. Their breeding predisposes them to significant health issues. Their environment is stressful, filthy and devoid of anything related to a natural life. The last hours of their lives are terrifying, involving transport with thousands of other birds to a slaughter facility that typically hangs them upside down, fails to adequately stun them and then slits their throats while they are conscious.

With roughly 70 billion chickens raised and killed for their meat each year worldwide, these welfare policies play a critical role in reducing immense suffering in factory farms.




Companies across North America and Europe are committing to sweeping welfare reforms for chickens raised for meat. Below are a few examples of many.

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